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Our training

We pride ourselves on delivering some of the best training in the UK.

What we offer

We offer training across the board with various college partners, providing expertise within a large number of fields.

With true one to one contact we work hand in hand with employers, and then mutually agree plans to ensure we all work togther for the mutual benefit of all those concerned.

Learner Support

We provide every kind of support to ensure that learners can achieve as expediently as possible.

Safe guarding - we provide excellent initial advice and guidance to our learners at the start of their learning journey to ensure their choices of employer course location, etc, are all as they should be. We continue our support throughout their course, maintaining our firmly held resolve that every individual deserves the best opportunity to achieve.

Part-time courses

Our part-time courses are constantly being updated as demand for different courses filters through to us. For the most accurate information on the courses we are currently running why not reach out to us on any of the details below.


We are open to taking on new students through out the year. However please be aware that we have a minimum course volume of 15 students for every course we run.

Work placements

Work placements can really encourage participation in an apprenticeship scheme. Please ask us about your workplacement options when you enquire about our apprenticeship programs.